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Offline and online trade are merging ever more closer together.

For that reason, both sides must learn from each other. With the help of Storecast, your customers experience tailor-made, digital product presentations that make shopping an experience which, in turn, increases customer loyalty and generates data.

Storecast was established as a software development company in Hamburg in 2004. For more than 10 years, the largest customer has been Media Markt. We are your one-stop supplier: advice, development, installation and operation.

Storecast performs.
Throughout Europe.

We guarantee an average dialogue rate of over 50% at POS. In the retail industry, use of our system is associated with a significant increase in sales.

We provide you with a wealth of experience spanning more than 10 years. In the 90s, the founders of Storecast started with radio productions and in-store radio.

Storecast subsequently developed into a genuine service provider who not only offers interactive presentations but can also provide the contents. The result is a robust, reliable and individually adaptable marketing tool that brings the products as close as possible to customers.

Storecast already has more than 5,500 installations in use Europe-wide. Over 45,000 screens supply needs-based, tailor-made information to the customers directly at the point of sale. On over 5000 Notebooks and tablets, Storecast simplifies the customer's purchasing decision.

Every day, over 120,000 customers use Storecast to make the right individual decision from a whole host of products and information.


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