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Electronic Shelf Labels

Service stations have led the way for years now: Price changes can be made centrally, quickly and inexpensively. The same goes for retail. Directly controlled, digital price labels make time-consuming fiddling with cardboard signs and scissors a thing of the past. Price promotions can be precisely controlled. Storecast has already installed more than 3.3 Mio digital price tags.


Video Walls

Everything changes so quickly nowadays. Product presentations must be replaced and new features emphasized. And it all needs to be on the largest possible screens - that is not a problem for Storecast. That has been our 'bread and butter' business for many years. We will gladly take care of the installation and operation.


Digital consulting tables

Wherever consultations take place, information leaflets are usually left on the table. Sometimes, the customer is also asked to crane their neck to look at the salesperson's screen. Everything is much simpler now. A large touchscreen, as the consulting desk, displays all the information that is needed for the customer pitch. This includes, amongst others, images, videos and prices. Thus, the customer can also receive everything conveniently via email in order to be able to make their decision later on. Storecast currently has around 100 consulting tables in use.


Selfie Mirror

A digital mirror in clothes shops has many advantages: It can record Images and videos and send them to social networks. It provides additional information on the merchandise and establishes a connection to the Online Shop if the desired product is out of stock. It also generates data which strengthens customer loyalty.


The Classics


The customer is always connected with the contents which are relevant for them in the purchasing environment.

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Separately created content can be viewed and issued to the selected smartphone/tablet.   


Audio contents are kept ready on-demand for the customer. It can also handle the presentation of commercially available sound recordings or cover information on points of interest.  


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